Upcoming Leadership, Personal, Coaching and Organizational Development Programs in Nature for 2019

Dear friends and colleagues, I would be delighted, if you could join me, and my fellow guides in one of our programs.  Please read the offerings presented below and feel free to contact me with any questions. All programs are for anyone feeling called to join.  Previous nature experience is not necessary for any of these programs.                 Cell: 202-285-3476     

Time in Nature in Rock Creek Park – a year-long immersion into nature, ceremony and community starting April 2019

Discovering your gifts, embracing your challenges, giving rise to your full self (soul, heart, body and mind)

What you will experience during 4 days from 9 am-2 pm during each of the 4 seasons:

  • Explore the four directions, seasons and elements as a mirror to your own soulful nature.
  • Develop a deeper relationship to inner and outer Nature.
  • Recognize Nature as a guide

Participate in and take away techniques of Council and Ceremony – ways to communicate from the heart in sacred space.

DC Rock Creek Park Nature Program 2019 [PDF]

Colorado, Gunniston: Mirroring Training with the School of Lost Borders – June 17-21, 2019

Please sign up with the School of Lost Borders

Telling one’s own story is an ancient art. The best stories are about human nature – that is, the human, which is, after all, nature in her basic manifestations as physical, psychical, rational and spiritual.

In this program, you will learn how to listen and “mirror” back the stories you heard in the circle of your community. The story that is meant to help people find something they have lost or forgotten or can’t see, and to bring it back to their consciousness.

You will learn the four shields of nature as a framework for human development. You will experience walks on the land to explore your own four shields and tell your stories in our circle. This program is for anyone. It can be particularly enriching professionally for those working relationally.

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Green River, Utah: Women’s Retreat – September 14-23, 2019

We offer a 9 day canoe river trip down the Green River of Utah which includes a supported 48 hour solo experience in Labyrinth Canyon. Our women’s river retreats are a deeply spiritual journey… a powerful way to connect with your purpose during times of great transition. All ages, ability levels and backgrounds are welcome. This is a wonderful opportunity to be in wild nature without the need to backpack or worry about long hikes which can be hard on some of our bodies.

On Our Women’s River Retreats You Can Expect:

  • Playful daytime river canoeing and hiking and evening campfires to prepare for the solo.
  • A 48-hour intentional solo after setting up base camp among the red-rock canyons.
  • Preparation for the journey home with the support of a new community of friends.

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Washington DC: Nature Coaching – October 5-6, 2019

(Not only for coaches), 16 CEUs for ICF coaches available

Join us for an inspiring few days of coaching skill-building and practice in the wonderful outdoor spaces of Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park. Expand your coaching and move beyond “talk coaching” to step into nature.

Nature offers the opportunity to experience questions and musings and discoveries in a completely new surrounding. Nature allows us to walk our talk, choose a different path, experience getting lost and finding our way again. In nature, we can still ourselves and listen to our bodies, hearts and souls.

With nature as our profound partner, coaches and those using coaching as a way to support others, can use age-old processes to support setting intention; create deep, personal journeys of self-discovery; and facilitate meaningful re-entry and integration through coaching. Particularly during major transitions, these rites of passage ~ some call ‘soul searching’ ~ can propel the coachee to new awareness, new discovery, and a natural sense of well-being.

Learn how to create and use sacred coaching spaces and times as well as ancient processes for modern times in your coaching business. Be in nature to re-member your own true nature and life story.

In this ICF CCE program, learn how to shape and guide your coachees using nature as your partner.

2019 Your True Nature Coaching with ICF credits [PDF]

Riva, Lago di Garda, Italy: Nature Coaching – September 8-10, 2019

2019 Your True Nature Coaching in Italy with ICF credits [PDF]

Ripples Retreat for Women

Will be designed upon request for your group.

Women lead. Women leaders tell us… We want to be in the company of women who are stepping out to be great leaders. We want to share stories of how we bring our strengths and overcome our shortcomings. We want to discover and celebrate how we manage our lives, work and passions, we want to create and re-discover our own artistry.