Upcoming Programs in Nature for 2018

Dear friends and colleagues,

I would be delighted if you could join me, and my fellow guides in one of our programs. Please read the offerings presented below and feel free to contact me with any questions. All programs are for anyone feeling called to join. Previous nature experience is not necessary for any of these programs.                 Cell: 202-285-3476     

Colorado, Gunniston: Mirroring Training with the School of Lost Borders – July 18-22, 2018

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Telling one’s own story is an ancient art. The best stories are about human nature – that is, the human, which is, after all, nature in her basic manifestations as physical, psychical, rational and spiritual.

In this program, you will learn how to listen and “mirror” back the stories you heard in the circle of your community. The story that is meant to help people find something they have lost or forgotten or can’t see, and to bring it back to their consciousness.

You will learn the four shields of nature as a framework for human development. You will experience walks on the land to explore your own four shields and tell your stories in our circle. This program is for anyone. It can be particularly enriching professionally for those working relationally.

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Slovenia, Southern Forest Wilderness – August 18-26, 2018

Reclaiming wholeness – a wilderness retreat

Inspired by ancient rite-of-passage traditions, we offer a guided process in which you can explore what no longer serves you, and what new wants to be born through you – in a brave, non-judgmental space that evokes self-trust, self-care and self-responsibility. The wildness and beauty of nature act as mirrors and allies in this quest, inviting us into re-wilding our souls.

We will spend time sitting in a council circle to prepare for our solo time out on land and to hear your stories upon your return. You will leave this retreat with a deeper sense of your journey, both past and future and your own identity – including the gift you are to your community.

2018 Slovenia Wilderness Retreat [PDF]

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Berkeley Springs, VA: Stepping into your Purpose – October 10-14, 2018

Stepping Into Your Purpose: A Retreat Into Nature at Kayser Ridge Retreat Center

Do you yearn for space to reflect and listen? Is this a time of transition and asking larger and deeper questions? Do you feel called to discover your deeper purpose?

Christiane Frischmuth, Cliff Kayser and Sally Colella will guide you to step away from the pressures of your life, refine the question(s) you most want to ask and design your inquiry. We will work in nature. We will have a community to challenge and support us throughout our time together. You will find pathways to explore what your life is asking of you.

Stepping into your Purpose [PDF]

Upstate NYC; Nature Coaching – October 17-19, 2018

(Not only for coaches), 12 CEUs for ICF coaches available

Join us for an all-inclusive coaching retreat and ICF CCE workshop at Light on the Hill Retreat Center to learn how to coach and be coached with nature as your partner to create a marketable distinction in your coaching business.

Rather than just think about our questions and transitions, nature offers the opportunity to experience deep inquiry and musings. Nature allows us to walk our talk, to choose a different path, to experience getting lost and finding our path again. In nature, we can still ourselves and listen to our bodies, hearts and souls.

As coaches and those using coaching as a way to support others, we can use nature as our profound and productive partner. Being in nature enables us to externalize our internal landscapes. Research shows that being in nature enhances the positive emotions of joy, awe, optimism, and courage. It supports deep connection, profound meaning-making, and a unique client experience.

2018 Nature Coaching [PDF]

Time in Nature in Rock Creek Park – a year-long immersion into nature, ceremony and community starting October 2018

Discovering your gifts, embracing your challenges, giving rise to your full self (soul, heart, body and mind)

What you will experience during 4 days from 9 am -2 pm during each other 4 seasons:

  • Explore the four directions, seasons and elements as a mirror to your own soulful nature.
  • Develop a deeper relationship to inner and outer Nature.
  • Recognize Nature as a guide

Participate in and take away techniques of Council and Ceremony – ways to communicate from the heart in sacred space.

2018 Year Long Nature Program [PDF]

Ripples Retreat for Women

Will be designed upon request for your group.

Women lead. Women leaders tell us… We want to be in the company of women who are stepping out to be great leaders. We want to share stories of how we bring our strengths and overcome our shortcomings. We want to discover and celebrate how we manage our lives, work and passions, we want to create and re-discover our own artistry.