TeamsSmallPhotoTeam Building and Team Development:

Working in teams poses unique challenges, from defining group priorities and making decisions, to resolving conflicts. We work with teams to assess needs, improve communication and collaboration, and establish supportive organizational structures.  We assist teams in developing skills for self-management and strategies for increasing productivity and performance. We will use and share Team Assessments and Team Performance Tracking Tools as needed.

Team Coaching

Research has shown that coaching can be instrumental in team performance. Team coaching focuses on the business goals of the team and builds the capacity building of the team leader and team members to meet those goals.  Some of the proven interventions are: Team Formation and Team Chartering, Team Assessments as well as Action – Learning, which includes reflection and feedback. Especially complex teams (multi-sectoral, multi-organizational, globally disbursed, tasks requiring new learning) benefit from the guided team development and learning process.



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