We work with teams to assess needs, improve communication and collaboration, and establish supportive organizational structures.
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Coaching focuses on the business or personal goals of the individual or group and on capacity building.
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Our neutral & experienced facilitators manage group dynamics ensuring that meetings are efficient, productive, & memorable.
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4Change Management

Whether driven by internal or external events, we advise clients on how to navigate change successfully.
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5Training and Development

We develop & deliver experiential training, emphasizing skills that are easily applied in the workplace.
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Underlying all of our services is Capacity Building. Any organization which wants to stay relevant successfully invests in its own capacity to learn. It learns to adapt to change, develop skills, and build capabilities. Our intervention aims at capacity-building, investing skills and knowledge in the organization. We help organizations

  • define capacity-building strategies
  • undertake needs assessments
  • develop and implement work-plans
  • create and enhance job descriptions
  • identify activities
  • train trainers, consultants and coaches
  • build in-house knowledge
  • manage change
  • define results and collaborate to achieve them
  • develop ability to have conversations that matter
  • build strengths, competencies and skills
  • grow as persons, in role and a system
  • develop and coach leadership

In our experience, capacity-building leads to sustainability, increased commitment and motivation in the organization. Capacity building is infectious - often resulting in informal coaching and mentoring by and for your staff.

We Are Committed To . . .

  • Global Presence
  • Social & Environmental Impact
  • Capacity Building
  • Partnerships
  • Results
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Why Choose Us?

We believe in the importance of:

  • Upstream and Downstream Stakeholder/Client Engagement
  • Results-orientation - making a difference
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Capacity-building
  • Holistic approaches - combination of approaches and interventions to get desired result
  • Partnership and Collaboration