Change Management

Strategic Planning:
We assist clients in developing a strategic plan by clarifying the organization’s goals, values and mission, identifying its strengths and challenges, and developing a results-oriented implementation plan. We identify creative approaches to generate commitment among stake-holders toward a common goal.

Change Management
Whether driven by internal or external events, we advise clients on how to navigate change successfully. We advise and assist organizations in planning and implementing institutional changes by applying innovative models and principles that accelerate change and generate involvement and commitment. We reinforce change by redesigning and streamlining business systems, structures, and processes to ensure lasting success.

Large systems change – multi-stakeholder collaboration
In many instances, forward movement and problem-solving require that the whole system is in the room. This might include clients, suppliers, antagonists, proponents, internal and external stake-holders. We have experience working in multi-cultural, multi-interest environments with large systems designs. While some aspects of large systems change are events, the preparation and follow-up activities lead to a commitment for action and sustainability.


Results-oriented project planning and management ChangeManagementSmallPhoto
The process and methodology were developed to allow buy-in and a continuous results-orientation by key stakeholders responsible for a project or program. Concrete steps, visualization and facilitation techniques, project planning, implementation tracking , and M&E tools lead to a well-managed project and strategy implementation with all involved monitoring and adjusting outputs and processes for results.

Rapid Results Approaches
Rapid Results approaches are aimed at jump-starting major change efforts. Teams work to solve problems, test strategies and improve processes. The approach works by unleashing self-leadership and creativity, accelerating learning cycles and providing a structured methodology for leadership and management disciplines that are required for successful implementation. Rapid Results approaches have been successful in various settings and cultures and enhance cross-organizational and multi-sectoral collaboration. We have designed, led and coached various organization through their successful rapid results initiatives.

Capacity Building
Any organization which wants to stay relevant and successful invests in its own capacity to learn, adapt to chance, develop and build skills and capabilities. Any intervention has to aim at capacity-building, leaving skills and knowledge in the organization. We help organizations define capacity-building strategies, undertake needs assessments, develop and implement work-plans, job descriptions and activities. We train trainers, consultants and coaches within organizations to build in-house knowledge.


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